About Torque ISUZU

About Torque ISUZU

Torque Isuzu is a dealership outlet of Isuzu Motors India Pvt. Ltd. that has its presence in 10 cities across the country. Torque is dedicated to maintaining the standards of quality and services of Isuzu to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and reliability. Torque Isuzu showrooms are built with state of the art infrastructure and facilities to uphold the highest standards and quality maintenance. The Torque Isuzu dealership is bound to explore new ventures in newer markets to attain success.


Our core values are rooted in the strong belief of highest moral, ethical, and legal conduct in all business operations.

  • To maintain the highest standards of fair business practices by providing top-notch products and services.
  • To empower our stakeholders and customers through building strong and transparent relationships.
  • To engage in sustainable business development practices by being responsible towards the environment and society at large.


  • To expand our reach all over the country with our showrooms in all cities.
  • To fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers and attain maximum customer satisfaction.
  • To conquer new markets and become leaders of the Indian automobile industry.


  • To expand globally and be the market leader in the automobile arena.
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Torque’s leadership is focused on executing on our strategy to deliver the best of our services. They are continually cultivating an environment that fosters improvement – not just of our products, but of the people that create them.

Kuren Amin - Managing Director - Torque Isuzu

Mr. Kuren Amin

Managing Director

He has been an active force of growth and expansion of the business since its incorporation. He pays close attention to details in daily operations, recommends and creates improved courses of action where and when necessary.

Anirudhsinh Jadeja - Director - Torque Isuzu

Mr. Anirudhsinh Jadeja


He is responsible for the financial affairs of the company and its expansion. He also maintains a hands-on approach for the overall business and management of the company. A guiding force behind various forays, he has been actively invested in other future ventures of the company.

Mr. Kanaksingh Rana

Mr. Kanaksinh Rana


He is responsible for business operations of the company along with effective management and strategizing for utmost efficiency. He ensures to actively engage in optimum utilization of resources for operational efficiency in all processes and procedures undertaken in the company. 


We adopt a customer-centric approach in all our dealings and operations. Our experience and presence have helped us establish a strong network across Gujarat, and hence we have an efficient understanding of the market. We are always keen to serve our customers with the best, and thus we keep exploring and employing new ideas and innovations at every step.

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