• 1916

    Tokyo Ishikawajima Ship-building and Engineering Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co. initiated plans to build automobiles.

  • Dec 1922

    Tokyo Ishikawajima Ship-building and Engineering completed first domestically produced Wolseley, a model A-9.

  • Dec 1928

    The "Sumida"CL model was developed which was equipped with excellent power and fuel consumption.

  • 1934

    The truck manufactured up to Ministry of Trade and Industry standards was named "ISUZU."

  • Mar 1936

    Developed the first Japanese air-cooled diesel engine models, the DA6 and the DA4.

  • Apr 1937

    Tokyo Automobile Industries Co.,Ltd., the predecessor of ISUZU Motors Ltd. was established with capital of one million yen.

  • Aug 1938

    The starting of production, TX40 model at Kawasaki plant.

  • Jan 1948

    The starting of production, Diesel engine Bus “BX91” model.

  • Jul 1949

    Company name altered to "ISUZU Motors Limited" with capital increased to 150 million yen. ISUZU inaugurated its overseas operations in 1949 with the first export of its first vehicles to Hong Kong.

  • Feb 1953

    Technical assistance agreement concluded with Rootes, Ltd. of the U.K. for the Hillman passenger car.

  • Oct 1953

    First Hillman rolled off production line.

  • Aug 1959

    TL 2-ton payload compact truck ELF was unveiled.

  • Jan 1961

    Bellel passenger car was unveiled.

  • Oct 1961

    Bellel passenger car was unveiled.

  • Jun 1963

    Unveiled the KR compact truck WASP.

  • Apr 1964

    Real sports car Bellet 1600 GT launched.

  • Oct 1966

    Launched 4-ton medium heavy duty truck “TY model”

  • Oct 1968

    Launched the passenger car 117 Coupe.

  • Feb 1972

    Released the KB 1-ton payload compact truck Faster. In 1972 ISUZU was exporting KB pickup trucks to the United States.

  • May 1979

    Launched the 1-ton 4 wheel drive truck “Faster – Rodeo”.

  • May 1981

    Unveiled the Piazza passenger car.

  • Aug 1981

    Introduced the compact four-wheel drive vehicle UBS Rodeo Bighorn.

  • May 1985

    Launched FF Gemini.

  • Apr 1989

    A new type of recreational vehicle, the Mu, was introduced in Japan and the U.S.A.

  • Dec 1995

    Launched MU-Wizard

  • Mar 1997

    VehiCROSS, all round sport-utility vehicle was introduced in Japan.

  • May 2002

    ISUZU Pickup was completely changed in Thailand into the D-MAX through the collaborative effort of ISUZU and General Motors.

  • Aug 2006

    ISUZU announced new SUV MU-7 in Thailand

  • Aug 2013

    Establishment of ISUZU Motors India Private Limited

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