Advantages of ISUZU Diesel Engine
Produces high power to move heavy objects
Diesel engines are capable of generating high power from low RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). It enjoys greater capability in moving heavy weight objects such as ships, construction equipment and large cargo.
Strong and long lasting even in severe conditions
Diesel engines are highly reliable and engineered for longer life. They can perform very well even when operated under severe and demanding operating conditions.
Economical and Fuel Efficient
Diesel Engines are fuel efficient and therefore economical because they burn less fuel due to the engine's higher thermal efficiency without wasting energy.
Lower CO2 emissions and therefore eco-friendly
Since fuel consumption is less, the CO2 discharge is minimal and helps in reduction of pollution. Therefore the impact on environment and global warming is restrained.
Compatible with varying fuel quality
It has the ability to function with various kinds of fuel. For instance, Diesel engines have a high potential to respond to future energy or environmental problems and can even be customised to run on biofuels.
Low life-cycle costs
Diesel engines help in limiting the lifecycle cost (Lifetime expenses from manufacturing to disposal). Generally, the initial cost tends to be high in comparison with a petrol engine, but the superiority and value will continue to increase as it is put to longer use, owing to long life and cheaper running cost.
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